Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chocolate Covered Oreos (tutorial)

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So this month I tried my hand at making these chocolate dipped Oreos. At first I had a hard time with it and than I realized it was just because I was over-complicating it (I blame it on being a perfectionist). Once I realized that, this project became very simple!
To make chocolate covered Oreos all you need is:
  • Oreos
  • Chocolate melts
  • shortening
  • fork
  • wax paper/foil
1) Melt your chocolate melts and about 2 tbs of shortening per bag (directions on bag)
2) put your Oreo into the melted chocolate, use your fork to make sure the entire cookie is covered (I usually need to scoop some extra chocolate to cover the top and sides)
3) Using your fork lift the cookie out of the chocolate and tap the fork gently on the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate. As you do this the chocolate will also naturally smooth itself out.
4) Place your covered cookie on some wax paper or foil to dry.
*if you wish to add sprinkles, add them before the chocolate dries
*if you want to drizzle a different color chocolate on your cookie to fancy it up wait until the chocolate dries before drizzling.

Simple right?! So you are probably wondering how I seemed to over complicate such a simple process. Well as you see in the photo above, the white chocolate on the top two cookies isn't very smooth, here's why. During my first attempt at making these cookies here are all the things I did wrong: dipping the cookies with my fingers, using a toothpick instead of a fork, shaking the dipped cookies instead of tapping, not tapping gently, dipping half of the cookie at a time, and using a knife to spread on the chocolate.
To make a long story short, none of those methods worked and I made a mess.

If you want to make these cute reindeer chocolate covered Oreos just add two Keebler Fudge Dipped Pretzels for antlers, a red M&M for a nose, and two dots of brown chocolate for eyes.
*Eyeball variations: roll tootsie rolls into balls or mini chocolate chips 

 photo thenewbakingmemoirs_zps410cbd72.jpg


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