Friday, October 14, 2011

Pacman Ghost Bunting

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I love decorating for the holidays and Halloween is no exception. However, I'm not into all the spooky scary stuff (I watch Scooby Doo movies, Monster House, and Igor to get into the Halloween spirit). I like cute monsters that would be your friend instead of keeping me afraid of the dark. So I decided to take some inspiration for my ghostly friends from an old school arcade favorites; Pacman ghosts! When my parents first met it was while working at McDonalds and during their breaks they would play Pacman against each other! Therefore these little guys hold a special little place in my heart. Plus since felt is so inexpensive and the ribbon I used was just some left over material from a previous project, this cute little bunting cost me only about $2 to make! On to the tutorial.

  • Some black and white felt
  • ghost template (below)
  • glue
  • needle
  • black and white thread
  • permanent marker
  • white color pencil
  • Ribbon
Here is the template that I used for my ghosts, click on the image and print it out or just put your paper to the computer and trace. Each ghost require two of each image.

Cut out your template and trace your pieces out on the felt. Since my bunting has 7 ghosts (4 white and 3 black). I traced 8 white ghosts, 6 black ghosts, 14 big white ovals, and 14 small black ovals.

Cut out your felt pieces. Now you're ready to put your little ghosts together.

Hand sew the little black ovals onto the white ovals for eyes. Glue your eyes onto 4 white ghosts and 3 black ghosts. Put them on the side to dry.

Now with the left over ghosts, place and sew them onto your bunting ribbon like so...

Your glue should be about dry now. To make sure the eyes stay on I like to do a quick stitch over the pupils of the eyes.

Now just use your sewing machine to sew the eyed ghost onto the ghosts that have already been sewn to the bunting ribbon. And there you have it! Some Pacman Ghost Bunting!

You could also use the same template to make cute little ghostly door hangers!

  photo thenewbakingmemoirs_zps410cbd72.jpg


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