Monday, December 15, 2014

Paper Flower Wedding

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My brother in law got married at the end of last month. His fiance was gracious enough to ask me to be in charge of all of the decorations. We had a super limited budget and our venue was a gym so we decided to make one of my dreams come true and turn it into a paper flower wedding!

It was a lot of work but we were able to make hundreds and hundreds of flowers for under $100! We also made many memories as we gathered weekly to have our flower making parties.
I of course forgot my camera, but that's because I also made the cupcakes and decorated their Zippy's dobash cake that morning!
Here are a few pictures from the wedding (good thing phones have cameras!):

We made so many different kinds of flowers it's almost crazy! We made giant paper flowers for the head table backdrop, fondant flowers for the cake and cupcakes, tissue paper bubble flowers, coffee filter flowers, and paper roses and hydrangeas for the centerpieces. The fact that every single flower was handmade by friends and family brought a special spirit to the entire reception. It was so worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
I have been posting some of the flowers on my Instagram and have had a few requests for tutorials. I'll be doing my best to get those tutorials up. 
As a side note, if you are considering doing a paper flower wedding be sure to take note that it is a LOT of work. If you can gather a lot of help and have ample time it is doable and so worth it though. With a group of about 7 meeting for several hours weekly and working on flowers on my own every day we were able to pull off about 75 centerpieces and the backdrop in about a month. I would have preferred having a few more weeks to make a few more flowers for more centerpieces but that's just me.

Tips and Side notes:
~Paper flower centerpieces can still be arranged using floral foam
~You don't have to wait to start making your arrangements because the flowers won't wilt and die, but if they do get smashed just refluff!
~Consider where you will be storing all of your flowers because depending how many you make they take up quite a bit of room. 

 photo thenewbakingmemoirs_zps410cbd72.jpg


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